Paper Ripping Fine Motor Activity


Paper Ripping Fine Motor Activity is a great way to practice Fine motor skills in toddler years.

What are Fine Motor Skills?

Fine and gross motor skills is one of the most important skills to be developed in a child’s early year. Fine motor skills refer to the coordination between small muscles, like those of the hands and fingers, with the eyes. All the daily task which we perform involve our fingers so it’s really important to strengthen those small muscles. Fine motor skills involve functions such as writing, grasping small objects and fastening buttons and so on and so forth.

Ripping Paper is a super fun way to get those little muscles strengthened. Along with Ripping Paper below are some super simple activities which can be great way to improve fine motor skills in toddlers:

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Paper ripping is an art wherein the thumb and the index fingers should be used. The usage of these two fingers together helps in progression at a lots of activities like zipping, eating, grasping, lacing, buttoning etc.

Let’s see the Ripping Paper Activity fun begin!

Material Required:

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • White Paper

We just need to draw a figure for the kid so that the kid can tear paper into tiny pieces and glue them withing the borders. So, Let the fun begin!

The Watermelon- Ripping Paper Craft, fine motor activity
The Watermelon- Ripping Paper Craft
The Spider- Ripping Paper Craft
The Art of Ripping Paper, fine motor activity
The Art of Ripping Paper
Fine motor skills, Pasting and ripping paper
The Art of ripping paper and Pasting
The Ripping Paper Fine motor activity
The Ripping Paper Fine motor activity
Gluing - Fine motor activity
Gluing – Fine motor activity