Catching Bugs – Magnetic Counting Activity


Catching Bugs Counting Activity is a great way to explore and have fun with your little ones. This activity is super simple and helps kids learn while having great fun.

Materials Required

  • Red Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Magnet
  • Paper Clips
  • Fishing Rod(Can use stick instead)

Just cutout ovals of red paper, draw black spots as seen in the picture below. I attached a dart magnet to the edge of a toy fishing rod. If you do not have a fishing rod, feel free to use any regular stick like item or possibly a stick itself.

Attach a thread at one end of the stick and a magnet to pick up the bugs. Insert Paper clips in each lady bug so that it is attracted by the magnetic force of the fishing rod. Believe me, this bug catching is a great adventurous experience for kids!

Catching Bugs Activity not only helps in counting but develops multiple skills:

So, let the Bug hunting adventure begin!

Counting Bugs Magnetic Activity

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