Short Reading Comprehensions


Learning to read is one of the most important skills children can learns from a very young age. Among 5 stages of learning to read through phonics, One important stage if Short Reading Comprehensions. We have designed them as per the suitability of young and reading beginners. These are super fun and engaging for young minds.

You’ve been there to celebrate their first words and first steps. Now see your child learn to read their very first book with these short comprehensions.These are great for learning to read at home especially can be created by yourself without even spending a buck! Isn’t that amazing…

These reading comprehensions consists of mainly Sight words which make it really easy for the kid to read them. Apart from sight words these also have CVC words(Three lettered words) which a preschooler/kindergartner begins to learn first.

Color sight words are one of the easiest for the kids to memorize hence we have kept the same in mind while drafting these “My First Reading Pocket Books”

Short Comprehensions

Reading short Comprehensions

Reading with Sight-words and CVCs

Reading Short Comprehension

Reading With Sight-Words

Short Comprehension

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