15 No-Prep Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers


Let’s see 15 no-prep fine motor activities for toddlers that are easy to set up and enhances a whole range of skills. They’re creative, manipulative and best for overall Physical and cognitive development of the kid through appropriate sensory play and simple cognitive games!

Feeding the Fox

This is a superb sensory activity which stimulates the kids and helps in development of their Fine motor skills. It’s super simple to create…Have a look for yourself! Feel free to customize as per the available resources. This helps toddlers to strengthen their small muscles which greatly enhances fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Salt tray sensory activity

Salt tray activity: Using a DIY salt tray is a fun way for toddlers to practice their pre-writing skills. Just fill a tray with Salt(or any other crumbled safe powder) and give child an ear-bud. Now just wait and watch! You’ll be amazed at how creative your toddler can get. This activity engages the senses, and is an exciting way for kids to learn how to write letters, numbers and spell their name.

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Squeezing Sponge

Squeezing is one of the best fine motor activities for toddlers. It helps in strengthen the small muscles and also add a sensory stimulation to the toddler. It’s an hands-on activity for toddlers to practice everyday.

  • Illustrate to your toddler how to squeeze the sponge to release the water.
  • Take two bowls/containers and ask the toddler to soak water from one and squeeze the sponge in the other.Practice filling a small bucket or bowl. Then pour the water out of the container.
Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Lego and Play-dough fine motor play

These two toys are great ways to build a toddlers fine motor skills. Give both at the same time and ask the kid to insert the legos in the play-dough. It’s a creative way to combine two toys and be more explorative.

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Ripping Adhesive Tape

Tape your toddlers favorite toys to a table and ask the kid to untape and get the toy. It’s super-exciting for them and also a great exercise for their tiny finger muscles.

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Broken Crayons

Broken crayons: Using broken crayons is a magical way to improve toddlers grasp. It’s normal for kids to change grasp patterns as they grow from a baby to a toddler to a child, but it’s important that they develop an efficient grasp. Hence, using broken crayons helps a child to develop the right grasp. This is probably one of the best no-prep fine motor activities!

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Pinching Clothpins

Pinching Cloth-pins is a fool proof way to develop the fine motor skills of your toddler. It helps in strengthening the small muscles of the kid.

Squeezy Ball: Give your toddler a squeeze ball and let him play with it his own way. Squeezing the ball enhances his fine motor skills and make the proccess fun too!(Refer Below video for details)

Inserting Toothpicks in Toilet roll: Inserting of any sort makes the toddlers use their finger strength. This activity also helps in hand-eye coordination.(Refer the below video for details)

Using Scissors

Using Scissors for cutting play dough: Using scissors is a brilliant way to help kids develop multiple skills .Toddlers love to play with play dough and hence combining play dough with scissors works out as a great therapy for their small fingers. Cut paste activities are a awesome way to teach them a whole lots of skill sets.

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers


It’s a great way of fine motor and sensory play. Let the kids get messy and get their creativity out….

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Fitting Puzzle pieces

Puzzles are an integral part of a child’s growth. It’s a great cognitive activity to boost the problem solving ability of the child and while fixing the pieces it also helps kids to enhance their fine motor skills. Puzzles are definitely a great tool to help kid acquire multiple skills

Fine Motor skills in early years /toddlers

Let’s see these super awesome fine motor skills activities in this video:

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