Pre-Writing Lines for Pre-k/ Nursery/ LKG/ Toddlers


Pre-Writing lines are the very first writing milestone in a kids life! However to achieve that successfully, a toddler should be doing Fine motor activities which would strengthen his small muscles.

We have a whole section dedicated to Fine and Gross motor activities which are appropriate for ages from 2 years – 6 years. Boost your kids fine motor skills by doing daily simple chores like beading, cutting, play-dough etc.

Fine motor skills helps a kid improve his pencil grasp and hold it correctly.

There are many fun ways to develop Fine Motor Skills in early years. We have plenty, Please check!

Pre-writing lines includes Straight, zig zag and curved lines are all appropriate to practice for young toddlers. Our free pre-writing lines worksheets are very creative and very relevant for kids in Nursery, LKG and Preschool, they are a must have in your toddler busy book.

A complete academic guide for learning in early years is available for your easy reference.

Sleeping Lines

Sleeping lines worksheets for Pre-k and Nursery
Horizontal Lines

Curved Lines

Curved line worksheets for nursery and pre-k
Curved lines

Standing Lines

Standing Lines worksheets for nursery and Pre-k
Vertical Lines

Slanting Lines

Slanting Lines worksheets for Nursery and Pre-k
Slanting Lines

Practice Worksheet

Practice worksheets
Practice worksheet

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