I Spy Worksheets – Fruits, Body Parts & Many more


“I Spy” worksheets are a great activity for young kids to get them exposed to their surroundings and also to boost their speech. They are a must have in toddler busy book. This handy worksheet is a fun way to develop complex thinking and scanning ability. Visual Perception/ Brain-teasers worksheets are also great for cognitive development.

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These worksheets are a perfect way to practice fruits, Body Parts, ABC’s, Shapes, Colors and 123s’ and many more concepts for younger years.

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Let’s have a look at these super exciting I Spy worksheets:

I Spy- ABC’s and 123’s

I SPY Letters AND Numbers DIY Worksheets
Count how many?

I Spy – My Body Parts

Count how many?

I Spy- My Shapes

I SPY Shapes DIY Worksheets
Count how many?

I Spy- Nature

I SPY Nature DIY Worksheets
Count how many?

I Spy- My Fruits

I SPY Fruits DIY Worksheets
Count How many?

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