Basic Maths worksheets for Preschoolers


The first academic milestone for kids is to start number counting…Knowing your 123s is one of the early pre-literacy skills a toddler starts to develop. Counting and numbers can be very effective taught at an early age through counting fun and play activities. Maths worksheets for preschoolers is a fun way to introduce number values and number counting!

Identifying Basic Shapes , Basic colors , Basic Letters/Alphabet identification also form a core part early years learning.

Basic Maths worksheets for Preschoolers is a must have in your toddlers busy book. Numbers and counting worksheets help kids in nursery/LKG/UKG to learn and practice their counting skills through various creative ways.

Also check Fun activities for teaching Numbers to your little ones.

Number Tracing DIY Worksheets

Basic number tracing worksheets 1-9.  Maths worksheet for toddlers
Maths Number tracing for toddlers

Match cut and Paste

Counting worksheet for toddlers. Match the objects with the correct number. Maths for early years
Count and Match Maths Worksheet

Trace the numbers

Maths count and trace the numbers worksheets for preschoolers and toddlers
Count the objects and trace the numbers worksheet

Count & Color

Counting and coloring DIY worksheet for toddlers and preschoolers
Count and color the caterpillar body worksheet

Circle the correct number

Count the objects and choose the correct number worksheet for preschoolers and toddlers
Counting and choosing the correct number worksheet

Connect the Numbers to create an Octagon

Connecting Numbers DIY worksheet for toddlers and preschoolers... Maths toddler worksheets
Connecting Numbers Worksheet

Trace the Shapes and Count the side

Maths worksheet for toddlers and preschoolers..count the sides of the shapes
Join numbers and make shapes

Count the shapes worksheets

Maths and number counting DIY Worksheets for toddlers
How many shapes?

Count the Objects and Match the same

Maths DIY worksheet for toddlers and preschooler. Objects Number and counting for kids
Count the objects and match them

Number Timeline – Missing Numbers

Maths worksheets for toddlers and preschoolers. Count and Match
Fill in the missing number

Count and Match with the Number spelling

Maths and number counting DIY worksheets for toddler and preschoolers
Count and Match with the Number word

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